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Powered by creativity and a love for transforming houses into beautiful living spaces, Kenroy Home is rewriting the rules, challenging the status quo, and reimagining a new model of home décor solutions. One that brings together the perfect balance of form, function, and inspiration under one company, one roof, one Kenroy Home.

Technology has evolved many of the pleasures and complexities of modern life, from the way we absorb music and television to on-demand transportation services, everything is just a bit easier, we believe designing your home and making truly unique living experiencing should be no different. By rethinking the experience from floor to ceiling and everything in between, we’ve designed a truly remarkable home design experience. By giving home owners access to Kenroy Home’s extensive selection of luxurious lighting designs, intricately crafted mirrors, sustainably sourced tables, and environmentally conscious outdoor solar lights, we’re ensuring that every Kenroy Home designed product under your roof upholds the values of cohesive and inspired design, craftsmanship, and quality that we created under our roof.

We made this for you

All of you. From luxury estates to first time apartment dwellers, our line of creative lighting and home décor solutions are designed to comfortably match you with up-to-date styles and design trends regardless of where you find yourself on life’s journey. Kenroy Home is committed to providing luxurious living experiences at extraordinary values, we believe the high-end of interior design and outdoor living should never be out of reach to hardworking homeowners.

Kenroy Home’s team of insanely talented designers and product engineers dream far outside of the prescribed consensus; we believe you’re unique, and so is your home. Our team rebels against the idea of cookie cutter lighting designs or dull and uninspired “builder lighting”. With individualism as a core value and design philosophy, Kenroy Home’s designers create works of art from daring and avant garde chandeliers to glamourous and traditionally inspired bath vanity lighting, we never forget that we design products for individuals…for your home.

We change things

Kenroy Home exists because we believe each room in your house has a soul, has a purpose – and when change happens, we’ll be there each step of the way with premiere lighting designs and beautiful home décor. While change isn’t always easy, to help our customers find the right products for their lifestyle and living situation Kenroy Home provides award winning customer service support along with a library of design and home décor advice from more than 100 interior design experts.

Putting it all under one roof, from warm chandeliers over the dining room table to soft and cozy lamps in the living room…Kenroy Home is helping to shine a light on what’s really important.

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