Adventures In the Bulb Aisle

Posted on January 23, 2017

Adventures In the Bulb Aisle’re thinking about, or just purchased a brand new Kenroy Home lamp or chandelier and now you must take that arduous walk down the ever expanding (in size and complexity) light bulb aisle at your local supermarket. We understand...this used to be an easy task - you’d walk in and purchase a few packages of light bulbs….”high wattage” for areas of the home that require extra light, and “lower wattage” for areas where you want soft easy-going illumination.

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Thanks to the amazing advancements in LED lighting technology, consumers now have a breadth of different bulb options available to them. While more selection and styles are great for shoppers, we can’t help but notice a disconnect between “normal people who just want a regular energy efficient bulb” and the aforementioned growing complexity of the bulb aisle at your local shopping mart.

And honestly...Kenroy Home will take a share in some of that blame - as light bulb technology has been evolving at such a rapid pace, we’re having a hard time keeping our materials up to date. With that...we hope to answer a few burning frequently asked questions about LED bulb compatibility.

Kenroy Home...are you down with LED? know me...most definitely we are. While many of the sockets found in our huge catalog of lamps and fixtures support wattages up to 150-Watts in most cases, nearly every one of our products can also support an LED equivalent standard socket bulb. In fact, we recently exchanged nearly 400 old incandescent bulbs in our High Point showroom with clean and efficient LED equivalent bulbs and the showroom is noticeably brighter and more engaging - and not to mention, way less of an energy hog.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...that’s nice but what about this Chandelier that uses candelabra bulbs?

Yep...there are currently LED candelabra bulbs gracing the shelves of nearly every major supermarket and home improvement center. Although these bulbs are a little pricey at the moment (running somewhere around $15 for a three pack), they make a huge difference in power consumption. Let’s do some number crunching shall we...using standard 60-Watt candelabra bulbs for the Pannier 9-Light Chandelier will consume 540 total watts of power - on the other hand...since this beautiful chandelier also supports LED bulbs, we could also use (9) 7-watt LED bulbs with an equivalent lumen rating to a standard 60-Watt candelabra bulb and will only consume 63 watts...or beter stated, you'll achieve the same lighting conditions using 8x less energy than traditional candelabra!

Ok...but I’m planning on watching all 10 seasons of “Friends” and I don’t want to leave the house to buy a light bulb.

No problem...Kenroy Home offers a wide selection of integrated LED products ranging from floor and table lamps to hardwired fixtures...and with an average lifespan of over 25,000 hours you can watch all 26 seasons of the original run of Doctor Who before replacing your Kenroy Home integrated lamp or fixture.

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