All About Outdoor

Sep 22nd 2021

All About Outdoor

Fall is right around the corner, and with it, the promise of hot, sweltering weather slowly giving way to cool, crisp evenings. While we're all excited to don our sweaters and sip our PSLs as we prep our homes for the holidays, why not bring your indoors style to the great outdoors? Earlier sunsets make for great evening dinner parties outdoors - make sure your outdoor living spaces are ready for guests with stellar outdoor lighting! 

Not all outdoor lamps are created equal - here's a list of important features to look out for when you're shopping for that perfect outdoor lighting piece. 

1. Bulb Shields

Protect those bulbs from moisture and humidity - bulb shields are one of the most important things to look for when shopping for outdoor lighting. Most come in either a clear glass or a frosted white, with the best outdoor lamps or lighting integrating the bulb shield into the design. With Kenroy Home's outdoor lamps, you won't even realize the bulb shield is there!

2. Rubberized Switches

Just like bulbs, switches need to be protected from any rain or moisture. Rubberized push button switches are best for locking humidity out of the integral parts of a lamp, although many variations of outdoor lighting can also be controlled with a pull chain switch or base switch!

3. Weighted Base

Did you know that ALL Kenroy Home Outdoor Lamps have to pass a 12 degree tilt test? This means the lamp has to stay upright even when tilted up to 12 degrees up. How cool is that! This hefty weighted base on all floor lamps and table lamps destined for the great outdoors allows the lamp to stay upright even in the stiffest of breezes. Take that gravity!

4. Weather Resistant Finishes

Let's face it - rain, wind and sun can really take a toll on our favorite patio products. Look for outdoor lamps with weather resistant finishes, like powder coated steel, aluminum, and plastic rattan (while we all love the real, organic look of wicker and rattan, they don't last very long when exposed to the elements!). Pay attention to the shade also! A solution dyed acrylic like our Performance Terelyne Shades seal the fabric from rain and sun so they keep their vibrant finish over time.