Daylight Savings Time

Posted on February 23, 2017

Despite what that weather enabled rodent in Punxsutawney said, the spring season is just around the corner, and with it comes warmer weather, seasonal allergies, and parents everywhere desperately attempting to get their kids to maintain an 8:00 bedtime even though it's still bright and sunny outside. Of course I’m referring to Daylight Savings Time, where most of the continental United States sets their clocks one hour forward and enjoys the glow of the sun late into the evening.

Child bedtime difficulties aside, the increased intake of sunlight allows Kenroy Home’s line of Seriously Solar products to truly shine when the sun does set later in the evening. A product line that started with solar spotlights has grown into a full array of landscape lighting solutions, gorgeous portable lighting, decorative lanterns, utility lighting, and easy-to-install deck illumination.

Landscape and Dock Lighting

When light is brought to a dark backyard or frontyard, it visually pushes the boundaries of a house. Kenroy Home wants to help you push that boundary even further. Our easy-to-install collection of solar deck, path, garden, and spot lights provide all the luminary tools you’ll ever need to light the boundaries of your home, and beyond.

Portable Lighting

Bring the look and feel of a "normal" indoor table or floor lamp to the outdoors...even if you don't have a plug handy. Kenroy Home's fashional line of outdoor table and floor solar lamps allow you to stylishly shine a light on outdoor entertainment areas late into the night. When it comes to lighting outdoor living spaces, most tend to simply think of illuminating the exterior area with drab utility style lights or clunky and oversized lighting posts. We’re rewriting those rules and challenging the idea of what an outside light means. Kenroy Home’s line of outdoor table and floor lamps features the same level of detail and artistic flourishes found in our traditional indoor lighting products. Beyond the tasteful and contemporary exteriors of these outdoor design pieces beats the heart of a well engineered products, these light weren’t just made to look good outdoors, they were engineered to last outdoors. From solution dyed acrylic shades that can withstand the scorching rays of the sun to UL approved switches and power supplies designed for wet locations, Kenroy Home’s line of portable lamps, pendants, and chandeliers are beautiful enough to impress any guest, and rugged enough to last season after season.  

Solar Lanterns

Add a dynamic splash of color and rustic inspiration to your outdoor living space with our line of powerful, bright, and versatile solar lanterns. Constructed of high-grade ceramic, and coated with vibrant finishes including a breathtaking royal blue, a fiery deep red, and a modern white finish, these brightly colored solar powered accents can breathe a breath of fresh air into your garden or outdoor entertainment area. While small in stature at 10-inches in height, these outdoor accent pieces pack a powerful punch of style and versatility. Light enough to be suspended from a tree or pergola, the rust-proof handle detaches allowing each lantern to be threaded through beams or other supporting structures. Powered by 1-quarter watt LED, each lantern features “go-all-night” solar technology allowing for 8-hours of light on a single charge. The downward casted light creates interesting light casts through the open air construction of the frame.  

Harnessing the power of the sun to create dynamic and whimsical outdoor accent pieces, The Kenroy Home line of “Seriously Solar” accents lights were created to bring both fun and engaging shapes and colors into your outdoor living space, in addition to providing clean and renewable lighting sources that can be enjoyed for years to come. Truly inspired by the outdoors, you’ll find colors that pay homage to the elements, and textures reminiscent of carefully bound nests. Handles are included not only for affixing to permanent structures such as pergolas, but also as on-the-go solutions for camping or al fresco dining at a local park. Thanks to Kenroy Home’s “go all night” solar technology, each fully charged accent pieces can light the night for an average of eight hours.

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