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Posted on December 13, 2017

It's the best time of the year again! The newest Star Wars movie is out in theaters and the excitement is permeable, especially here at Kenroy Home! Star Wars has become a staple at the holidays since 2015, when The Force Awakens first premiered. With The Last Jedi in theaters today, we thought now was a great time to share ideas for subtle lighting features that you could add to your home for some Star Wars themed touches!

Jedi Vs. Sith – Wolf Light Mini Pendant (In Blue and Red)

One of the most interesting parts of Star Wars is the long, long history of the Jedi and the Sith. One of the big questions everyone has for The Last Jedi is will Rey go to the Dark side? And will the Jedi really end with Luke?

Whether you're Jedi or Sith, we think you can channel the Light or Dark side into your living space with our Wolf Light mini pendants! Coming in both blue and red, they'll add a subtle touch of geekiness to your space. Perfect to hang over a kitchen island or in your living space, the Wolf lights will help tie your Star Wars space together perfectly.

Senator Organa Inspo - Pi 1 Light Pendant.

Though we all love the Jedi and Sith, some of the best characters in Star Wars aren’t Force-sensitive at all! Senator Padme Organa immediately comes to mind. She handles politics and the welfare of her home world Naboo with strength, intelligence, and a fair amount of style.

We can see Padme with our Pi 1 Light Pendant hanging over her desk while she prepares for a council meeting, pairing well with any paraphernalia she might have from Naboo. With the chrome finish and antique mirror shade, this particular light would do well in any glamorous space if you'd like a touch of Padme Organa's style

Lighting for Ewoks – Twigs Table Torchiere

Even the cute Ewoks can be channeled into your living space in a subtle way. The Ewoks live on the seriously forested planet of Endor, evoking lots of trees and natural life when you think of them. Aside from walking, talking Teddy bears of course.

With Endor in mind, our Twigs Table Torchiere is a compact table lamp that you might find on any Ewok's dinner table! Hopefully minus Han Solo and Chewbacca of course. With a small branch wrapping round the entirety of the amber iridescent scavo glass shade, the trees of Endor come right into your living space!

Darth Vader's Study – Slide LED Desk Lamp

Even Darth Vader needs a little help seeing in the dark at times. He's the black-clad figure that the heroes fight most often in the original Star Wars trilogy. But, have you ever thought that you might want an understated hint to Darth Vader on your desk?

With a sleek curve and black finish, our LED Desk Lamp reminds us of the chamber that Darth Vader uses when he meditates. The large chamber breaks into two to reveal an area inside that Vader uses. Our desk lamp, with LED lighting and an easy to access on/off switch at the base, is the perfect light to draw in a little of the Dark side for your desk!

Rey's Mechanic Lighting – Floren Wall Swing Arm Lamp

Rey proved in The Force Awakens that she is a pretty skilled mechanic, which makes perfect sense considering she grew upon the mechanically inclined planet of Jakku where people scavenge old Star Destroyers for parts.

Our Floren Wall Swing Arm Lamp really reminds us of Rey and the mechanical skills she has! With the ability to swing out and away from the wall, the Floren lamp would be perfect over any kind of work space. It would add a subtle touch of Rey to your work space and serve as an aesthetically inspiring piece to keep you working until your projects are done!

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