Reading with the Reeler Floor Lamp

Posted on August 30, 2016

A look around my house will prove my absolute love and borderline obsession with "tech-toys"...from the latest - thinnest the sleekest new smart phone, my home is jam-packed with tech items. With this adoration for all things digital I still have yet to let go of my last remaining "tangible" vice...the book. Music lovers claim to hear the "warmth" in vinyl - book readers like the feel of paper, the experience of flipping the page, and the weight of a heavy volume. I have yet to have the same reading experience from an e-reader. With that, I'd like to tell you about my favorite reading spot in the house...

I enjoy sitting upright while reading - as such, I have a ridiculously comfortable over-sized chair in my reading area. It's well broken in and somewhat swallows your body during lengthy reading sessions. My ultimate reading light is the "Reeler" floor lamp which features an adjustable curved arm to situate the angle of the light in the perfect position. This particular model features a rich, oil-rubbed-bronze finish which provides exceptional warmth to my reading nook.

Reeler reminds me of a private investigator's lamp from an old film noir style move - the look of the angles are what I'd describe as "vintage Hollywood". The over all look and feel of the lamp will give your room, or reading nook a decisive "classic cool" appeal. One of the best features of Reeler is its use of directional light - with the right angle and bulb combination I can illuminate my reading area, while leaving the rest of the room in the dark. Conversely, with a higher wattage bulb and higher angling of the light you can easily warm up a living room.


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