Solid Solar Lantern

Posted on March 13, 2017

The recent streak of cold weather has generally kept me from enjoying my backyard lanai - instead I've been confined inside reenacting the type writer scenes from "The Shining". With the first burst above 70 degree temperatures in over two weeks, I pounced on the opportunity to go outside and enjoy cooking on my grill, and perhaps some light reading afterwards. The upswing in temperature also finally gave me an opportunity to review the "Coil" solar lantern. 

In less than a second after turning on the solar light disc I was treated to an amazing light cast pattern. The coiled rings project an almost bulls-eye light display. While not exactly practical for my outside patio, a series of "Coil" lanterns on a walking path would look outstanding.

The versatility of this lantern cannot be overstated - the lightweight frame made hanging it up by the handle incredibly easy. With "Coil" suspended above the grille, I now had a great downcast of light to prepare dinner. Just as easy as handing it, I transferred it over to the table for a nice "solar lit" dinner.

Beyond nighttime entertaining, this lantern would make an exceptional camping accessory - lightweight enough to suspend from a branch, durable enough to withstand walks through the campground, and powerful enough to last through the night on a single solar charge. The possibilities are endless...

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