Fountains - Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when selecting a fountain?
In addition to your personal style tastes, be sure you have an area for your fountain that can be safely exposed to water, as splashing can occur. Also take into consideration what a water feature can add to your environment: the sound of flowing water or decorative lights.

Can my fountain be left outside over winter?
This fountain is rated for outdoor use; however certain weather conditions may adversely affect your fountain. If the temperature in your region is at risk of dropping below 33° F, your fountain should be “winterized” before the cold weather arrives. To winterize:

1. Fully drain your fountain of all water.
2. Disconnect the hoses, pumps, and lights.
3. Clean all components thoroughly, paying special attention to the pump to prevent residue build-up.
4. Allow all parts to dry.
5. Store parts and fountain in a safe, weather-free environment.

What kind of water should I use in my water feature?
The best water for your fountain is distilled water. This can help prevent and reduce bacteria and algae buildup. If you do not use distilled water, more maintenance will be necessary to keep the fountain clean.

How do I clean my fountain?
Oils, dirts, and algae can all build up on the fountain over time. The best way to restore your fountain to its original state is to empty all the water from the fountain and use a mild soap (like dish detergent) and an acrylic brush to clean all the parts.

How much water do I need to keep in the fountain?
Where possible in our fountains, we have included fill lines to help you visualize the water level required for proper function. If your fountain does not include fill lines, please check the instruction manual for water capacity. The most important aspect to keeping your fountain functioning is to insure the pump is submerged in water at all times to prevent damage to the pump.
How often will I need to fill my fountain?
Over time, the water level in your fountain will recede. This is due to evaporation, and the speed at which your fountain will need to be filled depends greatly on your environment- the humidity, if your fountain is in the sun, how often you run the fountain, etc. We recommend checking the water level before running the fountain to insure the pump is submerged in water.
I cannot find my installation instructions. Where can I find another copy?
Installation and assembly instructions can be found online at
Can lights be turned off separately from the fountain?
Fountains that include lights will have a separate plug and switch for the lights. They do not have to be plugged in or turned on to run the fountain.

My pump is making a loud noise. How do I fix that?
1. Be sure the pump is fully submerged in water. If it is not, and pulling in air, it will make unwanted noise.
2. Check to make sure the pump is not touching the fountain anywhere other than the bottom. If it is up against the side wall or another part, the vibration from the pump can cause unwanted noise. If moving the pump away from other parts does not work, try placing a sponge or other soft material between these areas to pad the pump.

How do I change my pump speed?
Depending on the type of pump, you will need to either move the slider or turn the knob.

How do I clean my pump?
1. Disconnect the power supply and then remove pump cover/filter.
2. Gently pull impeller/rotor assembly out of the pump housing
3. Rinse the impeller/rotor assembly and the cavity with clean water.
4. If your pump comes with a sponge filter rinse this with clean water. Algae buildup can be flushed out with a garden hose.

How do I level the fountain?
For the water to flow properly, it is critical the fountain is level. If your fountain will be placed in an area with uneven ground, use the leveling shims included in the box to help level before adding water. These are wedge-shaped plastic parts that can be placed between the fountain and the ground to create a level surface.

My tube is too long. What can be done to fix this?
The hose can be cut with a sharp blade or pair of scissors to the desired length.


Does the solar panel have to be attached to the pump to charge?
No. Placing the solar panel anywhere in the sun will allow for charge. However, the indicator light on the solar panel will only read when the pump is attached. When the pump is connected it completes a circuit that allows the indicator light to be read.

Can solar fountains be converted to plug-in?
Currently our solar product cannot be converted to AC.


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