Frequently Asked Questions

More about Kenroy Home...

From luxury estates to first time apartment dwellers, our line of creative lighting and home décor solutions are designed to comfortably match you with up-to-date styles and design trends regardless of where you find yourself on life’s journey. Kenroy Home is committed to providing luxurious living experiences at extraordinary values, we believe the high-end of interior design and outdoor living should never be out of reach to hardworking homeowners.

Does Kenroy Home sell directly to consumers?

Kenroy Home products are sold at lighting showrooms and furniture stores throughout the United States and Canada. We also maintain partnerships with many leading online home decor retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Bellacor.             

Nice website, but do you have a catalog I can take a look at?

All Kenroy Home dealers will happily let you flip through the pages of our latest printed catalog, please contact your local lighting or furniture for inquiries. Can't wait? Check out the digital edition of our latest catalog editions here

Are Kenroy Home products UL or ETL listed?

Yes! All Kenroy Home lighting and fountain products are UL listed 

What type of bulbs are required for my Kenroy Home lighting product?

Great question! Bulb information can be found in the product specifications document found inside your product box. Additionally, each of our products and accompanying specifications can be found our website - simply search for your product and click on the "Additional Information" panel for more information on bulb type and wattage. If you're still having trouble, take a picture of your product and send a bulb information request to for further assistance.

I'm having some difficulty with my Kenroy Home product, can someone help me out?

Absolutely! Before even thinking about initiating a return with the retailer your purchased one of our products from, please contact our Customer Service Team at (904) 642-4340 Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. -5:00 P.M. (EST) for product troubleshooting. Additionally, you can reach us via email at

What is Kenroy Home's return policy?

Kenroy Home products are lovingly designed by home decor experts and crafted by artisans. Small inconstancies with product shape, texture, and finish are all characteristics of such craftsmanship and not always considered defects. We strive to present the most accurate depictions of our products across our network of retailers - however, some items may vary slightly in color from the photographs viewed on the webpages of our online retail partners. When a return is necessary, all customers are advised to return their Kenroy Home products in accordance with the specific return policy set forth by the authorized retailer where the item was originally purchased.     

Fountain FAQs


• Be sure to child proof fountains. Tall, thin fountains should be placed against or anchored to walls. Outdoor fountains or those in high traffic areas should be secured to the ground. 

• Some fountain parts twist together. Be sure that they are properly engaged

• Always ensure that your fountain is properly leveled

• Fountains should always be plugged into the proper outlet type - at the minimum a grounded outlet indoors, or those with a ground fault interrupter outdoors

• AC line voltage pumps and outdoor rated low voltage transformers come with outdoor rated three pronged grounded plugs, and should always be used with grounded outlets, and grounded extension cords

• Wall fountains require use of fasteners and anchors sufficient to support 150% of the water filled weight of the fountains

My fountain is not flowing evenly...

• Be certain that the fountain is on a flat level surface. Even a slight tilt will cause water flow to move in that direction. For outdoor fountains it's recommended that the fountain be placed on a flat, solid surface. A concrete pathway stone or buried cinder block can be used for grass or dirt surfaces (such as in a garden).

• In some cases tiered fountains may flow unevenly despite being properly leveled; in these instances a small angled slate, wood or metal shim can be placed under a tier base to establish a consistent water flow

• Flat vertical surfaced fountains may need to have water properly channeled across the face when first turned on. To achieve an even water flow on these fountains use a small paint brush, or your finger tips to guide the water stream laterally across the full face of the fountain. Once wet, the flow will continue to cover the face. 

My fountain is splashing... 

• All Kenroy Home fountain pumps are factory set for what we believe is the optimal water flow setting. In some environments these settings may cause the water flow to splash outside of the fountain structure. This issue can be easily solved by adjusting the water flow speed on the pump body - a feature found on most Kenroy Home pumps. With larger fountains, the water flow setting can be found on the front face of the pump - the shape resembles a dial. An optimally calibrated fountain shows the highest amount of water flow conducive to the environment without splashing. The same adjustment methods apply to table fountains as well

• Indoor fountains are designed not to splash

• Outdoor fountains may splash when not properly leveled

• Indoor use fountains - do not place on hardwood floor unless properly leveled

The pump is noisy...

• Inspect the water level and confirm that your pump is completely submerged - an inadequate water level will produce a "hissing" sound

• Remove the pump from the fountain, clean it with a small brush to remove any debris especially in the water intake area

• In rare cases the pump may vibrate against the base of the fountain. To limit vibration, place a small sponge beneath the pump - this will act as a sound dampener between the fountain base and pump.

• An alternate solution to heavy vibrations is to suspend the fountain mid-base - this may be achieved by shortening the pump hose to the desired length. Be sure that the connection remains secure.

My outdoor fountain has cracks or chips...

• Like all outdoor decorative accessories, fountain may age and colors fade over time. In extreme environments the fountain finish may crack or chip if exposed to the elements for extended periods of time.

• Please note - all Kenroy Home resin fountains purchased after 2010 have solid color throughout the fountain materials, meaning that if a small piece is chipped - the exposed finish will be the base color of the final exterior finish. Restoring the finish may also be achieved with the proper paint or stain recommended by your home improvement retailer.

I want to hear more/less water...

Higher pump speeds will increase the rate of water flow and the sound of falling water. A higher pump speed setting may also produce a greater visual water flow effect. As a result it may produce louder "splashing" sounds in some rooms. You may wish to adjust the speed of your pump to a lower setting in non carpeted rooms and those with higher sound reverberation. A properly filled fountain will produce lower sound levels, while low water levels produce louder splashing sounds, as the water drops further.

Maintaining your fountain...

• Use distilled water for interior fountains - this will prevent the build up of naturally occurring impurities found in tap water

• Weekly cleaning of the pump, reservoir, and decorative rocks

• Water evaporation will occur in most environments. Check water levels and fill regularly prior to use.

• The condition of your household water, temperature, and fountain usage will determine the care needed for your fountain. For instance; fountains that run constantly in dry environments will need to be filled more frequently due to evaporation

• Fountain additives may be employed to remove scale and bacterial growth

Proper Seasonal Storage

When not in use, unplug the fountain from the outlet. Remove all water and mechanical components - dry thoroughly. Store in a cool, dry place. Seasonal provisions may need to be accounted for in colder climates - outdoor fountains in temperatures below 32 degrees should be drained, dried, and brought inside.