1 Light Swag Pendant

Product #: 93878COP
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Bulb: 1-60 Watt (M) Bulb

Dimensions: 10 Inch Height, 8.5 Inch Diameter, 8.5 Inch Ext.

Height: 10 inches

Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Finish: Copper Finish


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There’s a spot on the style highway where glamourous inspirations and the raw intensity of industrial design intersect - this is where you’ll find the Irena 1 Light Swag Pendant, turning heads and causing traffic jams. Armed with a minimalistic 10-inch tall caged profile that expertly exhibits a retro-chic vintage Edison bulb (not included), Irena’s stripped down industrial flavor beautifully harmonizes with a highly polished copper finish to create a symphony of modern industrial glam style.

With it’s nearly rose gold tone, the Irena 1 Light Swag pendant expresses a soft feminine touch of uptown glamour and perfectly complements both glam and minimalist decor settings. An excellent solution for Pinterest worthy modern bedrooms or an expression of city dwelling aspirations in a college dorm room.

Amazingly versatile, this snappy pendant can be installed in almost any room with a seemingly endless stream of applications and placement options. Irena’s modern industrial glam style profile is an exceptional choice for fashion trailblazers who prefer not to subscribe to individual design labels.The no-fuss installation process means you’ll be elegantly illuminating your minimalist desk space in the time it takes to download the latest version of Instagram…#IgotSwag.

Easy Installation: No hardwiring required, but depending on your ceiling height you may need a ladder or the help of a tall friend. Simply plug the cord into an electrical outlet and position the anchors and hooks where you’d like to suspend the light.

Perfect for Hard to Light Areas: perhaps your homebuilder installed electrical boxes in all the wrong places or you want to illuminate areas where electrical wiring is not available. This swag pendant allows you to drape a stylish pendant in hard to light areas like corners or near-to-wall furniture like wet bars or entertainment units.   

20 Feet of Cord: with an ample supply or clear power cable you’ll have numerous placement options; center over a table, light a corner, or illuminate a stylish bar cart with ease. The exposed cord is just part of the coolness that allows for dipping into the stylish and sophisticated realm of highly finessed “unfinished” urban lofts.

On/Off Line Switch: Safe and simple operation courtesy of a conveniently placed in-line rocker switch allowing for easy on-and-off access to light.

Ideal for Renters and Students: Drilling into the drab concrete blocks of your dorm room to install a lighting fixture would likely be frowned upon by your resident advisor - this swag pendant offers a far less invasive solution to adding glamourous refinement to your temporary collegiate living space. Renters and apartment dwellers alike can easily make their tenantship more hospitable and attuned to their own sense of style without breaking lease agreements. 

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