Infuse Some Swag Into Your Living Space

Kenroy Home designs and manufacturers some of the best and most luxurious pendants and chandeliers on the market today. Over the years, we’ve heard from admirers of our pendant styles that a hard-wired installation option just isn’t in the cards for various reasons. So, our design team set out to create a series of pendants that carried the same glamourous appeal and industrial chic vibe that our traditional “hardwired” pendants are renown for...without the hassle of having to call an electrician.


No hardwiring or Google searches for an electrician required. Simply position the anchors and hooks included with each swag pendant where you’d like to suspend the light, plug the cord into your electrical outlet, then flip the line switch...and TA-DA! Depending on the height of your ceiling, all you’ll need is a ladder or the help of a tall friend.


Ideal for Dorms and Apartments

Drilling into the drab concrete blocks of your dorm room to install a lighting fixture would likely be frowned upon by your resident advisor - this swag pendant offers a far less invasive solution to adding glamourous refinement to your temporary collegiate living space. Renters and apartment dwellers alike can easily make their tenantship more hospitable and attuned to their own sense of style without breaking lease agreements.

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